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Homeowner's monthly meeting is the 3rd Monday of the month. It starts at 7:00 p.m. and is held in the Kings River Pool House on Kings River Way.

Next Meeting: June 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Kings River Village Pool - 6775 Kings River Dr. Please click here for the meeting agenda.  


Kings River Village Community Association Rules for Public Comments

  1. Residents will be given an opportunity to express their comments during "public comment" time.
  2. During "public comments" time when a resident is acknowledged to speak they will first indicate their name, street address and street name within our village.
  3. Each resident will have three minutes for one issue only.  If a resident has more than one issue they need to send an e-mail on our website, which each board member receives.  The resident will receive a reply by the next meeting if not sooner.  A resident can bring up the same issue or another issue at the following monthly board meeting.
  4. Loudness from the public (residents) will not be tolerated in order to make a point or to out speak someone.
  5. Comments from different residents should be to agree or disagree with what a resident has stated at the meeting and not to repeat the same basic message.
  6. Residents will not make comments during the time the board is reviewing their assignments or responsibilities nor when the board is discussing issues for the village.  If a board member requests a comment from a non board member then that person may respond to such request.
  7. If a resident will not abide by the rules when so informed by the sergeant of arms or will not leave the meeting when ordered so by the sergeant of arms they may be barred from future board meetings.
Kings River Village residents are encouraged to attend our monthly board meetings and to make comments.  The purpose of the above rules are to keep our meetings from running too long and to keep a respectful atmosphere for all who attend our monthly board meetings.  Residents should be aware that your volunteer board members only meet once per month to carry on the affairs of our village.
The sergeant of arms for Kings River Village will enforce the "Rules for Public Comments" on residents (or non-residents) at all of our public meetings.  His main responsibility as "sergeant of arms" will be to control the public three minute rule and to control excess loudness.  The three minutes rule for public comments does not include multiple three minutes from the same person for different points of view.  If a resident has multiple comments they can express their views on our website, which is forwarded to all of the board members and to our management company.  A resident may bring up the same issue or a different issue at a following monthly board meeting.  Loudness is somewhat arbitrary on the part of the sergeant of arms, but loudness tends to come from those who want more time or who wish to outspeak a board member or another resident.  The sergeant of arms should not tolerate anyone trying to outspeak another by shear voice volume including board members.  If a resident (or non-resident) continues to break the rules for public comment then the sergeant of arms shall ask that person(s) to leave the meeting.  If they fail to leave when asked by the sergeant of arms, then they may be barred from future board meetings.

KSA Parks meeting is the 1st Thursday of each month. Location varies, check with KSA office at 281-358-5192.

KSA Public Safety meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of each month. It starts at 7:00 pm and is held at the South Woodland Hills Community Room (2030 Shadow Rock). For more information, check with KSA office at 281-358-5192.

PIP (Positive Interaction Program) meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of each month. It starts at 7:00 p.m. and is held at the Church of Christ on Woodland Hills Drive.

Kingwood Service Association meeting: Call KSA for meeting location and time at 281-358-5192.