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Deed Restrictions

Kings River Village is a deed restricted community.
Here you will find information on these restrictions.
To report a deed violation, please contact our management company.
Thanks to good neighbors, Kings River Village remains one of the nicest communities in the Kingwood area. Something about Kings River Village attracted you to the neighborhood when you purchased your home. Perhaps you chose to buy in Kings River Village because of the many amenities that are available, the maintenance of the neighborhood, its convenience to where you work, or other community attributes. Everyone doing their part to maintain their home in an attractive condition is also very important to the community. One of the many mechanisms that we have in place to keep the community standards high is the enforcement of the deed restrictions, which were contractually agreed to by all homeowners when purchasing their house.
As discussed at our 2009 Annual meeting of members the Kings River Village Community Association Board of Directors passed a Resolution to assist in enforcing the covenants and deed restrictions for the Association by imposing fines for violations in our community. Most deed restriction infractions are incidental and the homeowner in violation of the restrictive covenants will receive a courtesy letter from the association’s management company describing the specific violation. The letter will give a reasonable amount of time to come into compliance or respond with an explanation and does not cost the homeowner anything. This fine policy will, however, address those matters that are more severe in nature or that persist after proper notifications.
Please read carefully and become familiar with your deed restrictions. If you do not have a copy of the restrictions please view the deed restrictions now. If you are unable to access the covenants and restrictions, please contact the management company and they will be glad to provide a copy for you.
The Board encourages all residents to maintain your property and help keep Kings River Village property values at their highest. By working together we can help keep our community looking its best by enforcing our restrictions.
Deed Restriction Notice
Notice to all Residents of Kings River take a look at your property --- Where is your trashcan?
Trashcans are being left on the driveways after garbage day, stored at the garage door, in the port a cache, and on the side of the houses. These are visible for all to see.
The deed restriction reads:
All clotheslines, equipment, garbage cans, service yards, woodpiles, refuse containers or storage piles and household projects such as equipment repair and construction projects shall be screened by adequate planting or fencing so as to conceal them from view of neighboring lots, streets, parks and public areas. All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be kept in sanitary refuse containers with tightly fitting lids and shall be regularly removed from the lots and not allowed to accumulate thereon.
Please take action to correct this problem, we thank you in advance.
Board of Kings River Village HOA
******A reminder, tree removals require prior ARC approval before you remove them.   Please submit for approval by completing an ARC form and state the reason you need to remove trees.******   
Since Kings River Village is a deed restricted community, all changes to your home must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. Complete the architectural review form and submit it for approval, prior to beginning your project. (Get ARC form)

The completed form should be sent to:
P.O. BOX 38113, HOUSTON, TX 77238-8113
or deliver to:
1521 Green Oak Place Suite 196 Kingwood, Texas 77339 (phone 832-678-4500)
or facsimile:
Homeowners should have received a book at closing outlining the homeowner association's bylaws and guidelines. If you did not receive the book, deed restriction can be found on this website. (View complete deed restrictions)  You must submit an Architectural Review Form for any additions or changes to your home. Basketball goals, swimming pools, playground structures, exterior lighting, storage sheds, satellite dishes, decks, patio covers, concrete walks, driveway extensions, moving of fences, awnings and gazebos are examples of improvements that must be approved by the ARC. Basically, anything that changes the appearance of your property needs to be submitted. Repainting the exterior of your home (even if you are repainting in the same colors as originally used) must also be submitted. The forms are available on line, or you can call Sterling Association Management. (Get ARC form)

With each request for an addition to your property such as a pool, shed, play structure, arbor, deck, gazebo etc, an ARC request must be submitted along with a copy of the plot of your house showing where the item will be placed. If the item is to be painted or will have a roof, sample of the color and material must be submitted with the application. (View details on painting your home) All applications should clearly state the size of the item (length, width and height) and what material the structure will be constructed of. All requests are to be mailed or delivered to our management company (see address above).They will approve or reject the application as quickly as possible and reply with a letter to you. If rejected the letter will clearly state the reason for the rejection. If you ever have any questions concerning how to complete the applications, guidelines on what is or is not an approvable project, or any other questions, please feel free to contact Sterling Association Management directly.

Deed Violations
Residents can report violations to our deed restrictions committee. The name of the person submitting the report is confidential.
To report a deed violation, please contact our management company.