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Maintaining Your Village
Below are several phone numbers that have been requested by residents.
Precinct 2 Commissioner - Jack Morman (713-755-6220)
Police Non-Emergency - (County Sheriff's office) 713-221-6000
Fire - non-emergency number is 281-852-2181
Ambulance - 281-852-2233
Emergencies - dial 911

  • Cable  (Comcast Cable - 281-774-7222) (Directv - 1-855-463-7359)
  • Electric (Provider of choice)
  • Gas (CenterPoint Energy - 713-659-2111, website)
  • Water Service (Severn Trent - 281-579-4500) (Two MUDs)
  • Trash (Best Trash - 281-313-2378, website)
  • Telephone (Century Link - Residential Line Repair Assistance - 1-800-788-3600) website
Reporting streetlights outage - We pay the electric company whether our streetlights are on continuously or whether they are not working. If you see any street lights not working, please call 713-207-2222 and push ext. 4.  You must give the street pole number (this is located on every pole in clear numbers) and the address number adjacent to the pole if you can.  If this info is not available, giving the hundred block and closest intersecting street will help.  If you prefer, you may also report this via the internet.  Please help us maintain our electric costs.
Reporting a downed tree -If in the street please call Harris County Road Maintenance Precinct #4 281 353-8424 and report the location of the tree. If the tree is down or needs to be removed in the trail area's or natural belt area's of our village please send us an e-mail and report the approximate location.
Harris County Community Assistance - Call 713 755-5000 for dead animal pickup, removal of debris from the streets and any other county related issue.
Homeowners Management Company
  • Sterling Association Services, Inc - 832-678-4500 (Assessments, Violations, Landscape Problems, Pool Problems, etc.)  Fax: 832-678-5380
  • Sterling Association Services, Inc - 832-678-4500 (Trails Assessments, Maintenance Problems, etc.)
If any of these number are not correct or you know of other number your neighbors might be interested in please notify us through the web page and we will add or make necessary adjustments.